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I'm really happy that my website is finally online. To celebrate the Go-Live, I created a coupon code.

With GoLive2024 you get 24% on all templates.

Start a more productive working day from tomorrow!

workers, on average, spend just 2 hours 48 minutes a day on productive tasks, agile business consulting, performancetree, sonja lindenberg

Workers, on average, spend just 2 hours 48 minutes a day on productive tasks.

source: marketdata report

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Why do organizations immediately unleash their potential in some areas but leave other areas untouched?


Hi, nice to meet you!

I love to help you to push and unleash the full potential of lean, effective, people- & result-oriented working.

However, the question always is, how this can be achieved in really concrete terms. During my job as an (agile) coach I created templates which are step by step instructions and guide every day to unleash the realizable potential by focus on lean and effective ways of working to get your transformation going.


To get started, have a look at the different focus topics in the shop. It is not important in which order you work on the templates. However, you will see that all of them interconnect.

If you are ready to make more of the same time, start working smarter not harder for great results. You will be surprised by the step-by-step simplicity.

See you soon and all the best,

Sonja Lindenberg

Sonja Lindenberg Performance Tree Unternehmensberatung agil lean effective working people oriented working result oriented working unleash the potential

A lean, effective, people-oriented and result-oriented way of working is based on several branches.

Similar to how a strong tree is comprised of many branches working together to create its mightiness. Some are visible above the ground but also and no less important its roots invisible beneath the surface.


Success requires addressing all areas.


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